Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Time Flies When You're stuck Behind a Desk

 Last time we blogged I was looking forward to fall.  What the?  Spring is upon us and the fall season flew by at warp speed.  I started working at the end of the summer at a great place that I love, but I have had a monumental problem meshing mom life to work life.  I am always so exhausted at the end of everyday, which is not helped by the long commute to and from work.  In the meantime my home and everything inside has gone to pot.  I desperately want to get back on track and blog again.  I have been doing some fun little baking projects over the winter that I would like to share, plus we may start talking a bit about my goal to organize myself and take my house back and get the children back in order.  Do any of you have any great tips on juggling work and home? I 'd Love to hear your advice.  I am contemplating some sort of self challenge.  I'm still working out what this  is going to be, and how I will set it up.  I may even ask you all to join in, or update us on how you are doing.  In the middle of this, I am also thinking of moving.  I have had about enough of apartment dwelling, and my long time neighbors are trying to buy a home.  I've missed everyone.  Here's to keeping my ADD brain on track!