Who's That Girl

     Me as Frida

      I'm not sure there is a simple way to describe who I am.  I am a zany mom of two great kids. My oldest is 11 and an aspiring Veterinarian/ Zoologist/ Marine Biologist.  He loves math, and frequently engages in the tween hobby of irritating his mother to death.  When he was 3 years old he told me, " The world is like a puzzle...sometimes it falls apart, but we can always put it back together".  I miss those days because I think the braincells are dying as the hormones kick in.  My youngest is 3 and is a prolific artist. He is extremely expressive and charming.   His hobbies include attacking his big brother and standing on top of tall dangerous objects.  
Some people probably question my parenting style. I want my kids to experience life for themselves and the natural consequences of their actions, but I have rules that must be followed and could even be considered strict by many 5th graders! 

     After my first job as a mom, I am also a graduate student.  I am working on my Masters of Art in Teaching.  I should be finishing up school at the end of July and hopefull have a career sometime int he next year.  My undergraduate degree is in Geography with a minor in Environmental Studies. I am also about 3 classes shy of a BS in History.  I plan on finishing that up once I have a secure job.  I would love to be able to combine my love of the outdoors and science with teaching.  I haven't decided in what capacity I want to teach.  Schools have some sort of stability (although recent legislation may change that), but I am open to other options as well.  I would love to have a job as a liaison between schools and maybe a park,  museum, etc, and so forth.

     I lived many places throughout the years and had many different jobs.  I was born in Wisconsin, spent most of my childhood years in New Hampshire, and currently live in Tennessee. I even did a stint in Wyoming as a child with many places in between.  Even as an adult I get antsy after about a year of living in one place, but the though of moving three people and all the acquired belongings I would rather stay put.

    Other than that I love to cats, crafting, pondering deep things, trashy magazines, and hanging out in the great outdoors.  I am very interested in becoming self sufficient.  It is my ultimate goal in life to have my own property/house where I can grown a lot of my own food and harvest some animal products.  I want to live the simple life in the city or in the country.  I have even thought about living off the grid, but as I get older I appreciate AC and microwaves. 

    I am hoping through this blog I can share some of my colorful life with you, and find out a little about myself as well.